• notification memo

    Make a notification anywhere!

    Notification Sticky Memo from figures ①-⑨ , each pack contains 135 pages

  • 8-Bit Sleeve

    Turn your iDevice into 8-Bit!

    Is retina display too much for you? Go backwards! You define your resolution!

    Introducing the all new 8-bit sleeve series. Style up your iDevice with our 8-bit sleeve for iPad, MacBooks. The 8-Bit envelope is made from tough kraft fiber with soft micro fibre interior to protect your classy iDevice.


    Bring the cursor back to your touchscreen!

    Missing the cursor experience? We bring it back to you!

    We love Apple, Android, Palm, RIM and all devices with touch screens!! We love navigating with cursor!! By using Big Big Cursor. You can keep your screen clear of fingerprints and dirts. You can draw and point precisely.

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    8-BIT Sleeve for iPad Mini ( SALE )
    8-BIT BUMPER For iPhone 5/ SE
    8-BIT Sleeve for MBA 11"/ New MacBook
    8-BIT Sleeve for iPad ( SALE )
    Notification Memo
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